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  • Move the compass until it passes by each of the directions indicated by the code. South > East > South > West > North
  • the-room-chapter-1-028

  • When you see the medallion, move the two pieces with arrows outwards, away from the other pieces.
  • the-room-chapter-1-030

  • Go back to the 8 sided table in the room. Put the tile pieces into the center of the table where it fits.
  • the-room-chapter-1-032

  • The table will open and you will see a lamp. Grab it by double tapping.
  • Shift the lamp around slightly until you find the four symbols in the background.
  • the-room-chapter-1-038

  • You will move towards a statue that is holding an object. Open the object.
  • the-room-chapter-1-041

  • You will then have top match the red lasers to the shape you see in the corner to move on to the next chapter.
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