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The Room Two – Chapter 2 Answers

We have The Room 2 Answers! Stuck on Chapter 2? Follow our Room Two Chapter 2 step-by-step guide below.
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Look at the small pirate ship. Spin the mast around until the image of the ropes line up. When it opens, take the key inside.
Move all the cannons on the ship until they are facing the starboard side (must be on the side of the boat). When you see the keyhole, use your key to open it. You’ll see a hidden compartment. Take the oddly shaped key and move the left ruby into the center. It will reveal another area to your left.

Go up to the ship’s flag area, and turn the part to expose a gold key.
Grab the key and put it in the side of the ship that has cannons showing.

A space will open up and a gold object will appear. Take the gold object.

Go to the treasure chest. Look under the handle of the treasure chest for a golden cylindrical piece.
In your inventory, pull up the arms of the cylinder, turning it into a key.
Go to the beam and move the two circles so that they create a circle in the middle of them.

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