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Take off the covers on the front of the chest, revealing the lock.
You need 3 pieces for the key to the chest. The two pieces you are missing are located on the lower left corner on a side of the chest. The other one is located on a wooden post near the chest decorated with two ornate circles. Move the circles around until a gap appears, where you will find the last part of the key. You must also remember the symbol.

Combine your key and insert it into the chest. Pull back the lid to open it.

Take your eyeglass to the small square on the left of the 5 circles and you will see a lock. Spin the lock anti-clockwise, which will pop the pins out so it unlocks.

On the top right rectangle, use your eyeglass again after you flick the yellow switch. Pull two pins out and then spin it around until the other pins move into place.

Look at the underside of the lid. Use your eyepiece on the rectangle. Twist both curved pieces until the pins fall out.
With the 3 locks open, a button will appear on the bottom right plate. Push it and you will see the last lock. Push the triangle pieces towards the edge so the pins are “pushed out”.
Take the cylinder and put it into the shape that appears. Twist the arms until the layer comes off.
Press squares above the pieces to match the directions on the piece of paper. Tap on the button beneath the letter and it will send your ship off.
Move the triangles underneath the letter until it makes a keyhole.
Insert your key. You will see a new set of directions and another map. Tap the tiles again following the directions and press the ship button.

Use your eyepiece on the new letter until you see the ship’s wheel. Turn it to the right. Align the floating piece of the compass with your mast.

Follow the new directions and press the ship button. You will run into a button that reveals a hidden compartment. Take the figurehead inside and attach it to the ship. You’ll find a wheel.

Place the wheel on the pedestal at the rear of the ship. Turn it to the right. Then flick the switch to make the sails appear. A new compartment will appear and you will see another wheel.

Spin the new wheel clockwise until a flap opens on the ship. It needs 4 letters. Input “ROSE”, the words that are on the sail (can be seen with eyepiece).
Take the red gem that is revealed and move it to where you took the other red gem. Move the two gems together to make a circle.

Now go to the table and notice that there is a scale. Pick up the gold weight and put it into it’s correct spot.
Open the right side of the box. And take the one piece out of it and put it into the correct spot and slide the missing part into it.

A hole will open with a new weight and a silver piece. Put the weight in its correct spot. And put the new wheel in its correct spot and slide the empty space.

A new weight will come out. Open the weight in the inventory and pull out it sides. Notice the picture. And then put it into its correct spot.

Go to the side of the table and pull the handle open. You will have to move the four corner pieces so that you can open the compartment.

Pull the piece out and slide the pieces missing to open the next weight. Open it in the inventory and place it on the scale.
A compartment will open up showing a piece of rope and an anchor.

Go back to the ship and add the anchor into its correct spot.
A compartment will open up on the ship with a gold star.

Go to the table with the box on it and add the gold star in the spot where it is missing.

A small compartment will open up, displaying a tiny screw driver. And on the other corner will be a gold key.

The box will open up and display a mechanical device.
Add the key, string and screw driver into their proper locations.
Put on the scope. Pull the lever to the right side.

Grab the key out of the holder by pressing and releasing the two squares.

Use the magnify glass and put the plate together so it looks like the picture above.

An object will appear in the middle of the table. Open it. Put the lasers together so they look like the object in the bottom right hand corner.

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