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  • Put the shard glass in the mirror. A small lock will appear above to mirror location.
  • Go to the gold castle. Put the missing tower piece from the beginning into your inventory.
  • Once inside the gold castle, use your microscope and put together the lasers to move through different compartments of the castle.
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  • Enter a green door and it will open the gold doors, which has a symbol on it.
  • Enter the symbol on to the top of the mirror.
  • the-room-chapter-3-048

  • Once you have done that a knife will appear.
  • Insert the knife into the top of the box. A window opens and a straw man and a small man will appear. Take both.
  • A gem will also appear. Put the code in (look at the picture above). And insert the gem you found.
  • Go back to where the box was and notice the area on the bottom next to the box. Look at the picture above. Put the straw man inside.
  • A fire will light-up and you will see another castle, as well as other items and objects that were hidden in the dark.
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  • Use the crossbow bolt and load it with crossbow. Shoot it at the bag with sand that is behind the bars. A secret compartment will show on the opposite side of the room.
  • Go to the treasure chest and place the object in the area. Shut lid and then open it again. This will allow you to see a metal shard. Take the object.
  • Turn the dial, so that the dial will meet the four shapes on the outside of the circle. This will open the box, which reveal a human skull. Take the skull.
  • the-room-chapter-3-069

  • Head back to this area and put the skull on the back wall. Turn the switch right to open the skull.
  • the-room-chapter-3-071

  • Inside there will be a puzzle box. Turn the top area left to complete the entire symbol. Grab the glowing crystal from the inside. Spin the camera around and the floating red sticks and it will make the same symbol.
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