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The Room Two – Chapter 4 Answers

We have The Room Two Chapter 4 Answers! Fire Proof Games, the developer behind mobile game hit The Room, just released the highly anticipated sequel.
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The Room 2 Chapter 4 takes you through a seance parlor filled with creepy objects and paraphernalia. Stuck? Our detailed Chapter 4 step by step guide is on the way! In the meantime, remember to look through each part of the room carefully. Always use your eyepiece to look more closely at any shapes that look out of place. Any detail, button or piece that calls attention always warrants a further look. If there are large shapes in your puzzle, make sure to move your camera around to look at all sides – top, middle, top and bottom. More likely than not, you will find a piece you needed or a hint.

Check out the Room 2 Gameplay and Video Walkthrough below:

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1.) Take a look at the roll-top of the desk, and the framed newspaper article. From there open the drawer on the front to find a torn off piece of a photograph.
Take a look at the table that is in the middle of the room. Put your eye over the legal letter. Use the brass viewer.

Take the view finder and put it back into the camera. The compartment will open up, and contain a metal handle. Gab it and put it into the side of the camera. Turn it until it comes out all the way.

Get back to the view finder and spin that device clockwise. Do it until the room become completely focused. It will force the roll-top desk to open.

Look at the lamp. Spin the metal wheel around. Stop when you see a green button show. Click it and another compartment will open. It will have a key. Take the key. The key will have three arms that you can turn around to fit various locks. Make it look like the image and use it in the lock that sits above the drawer inside the desk.
Each drawer is empty. Hit the three different roman numerals and their will be something in them. Each specific numeral is hidden around the desk. The one is on a book, the other will be on the one of the legs, and the last one will be behind a a small square plaque on the front desk. You will have to slide them out on the top drawer that touches II. The second one touches IV, and the bottom one will hit V. Those will turn the one drawer and it will contain a light-bulb. Take the light-bulb.
The ball will roll out of one of the drawers, and then fall behind another door with a very unusual lock. Take the key that you got earlier, and then turn the arms so it looks like the image above. Unlock the door.
Get the ball into position.

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