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A Cosomo card will come out. Take it.
Take the light-bulb and put it in the camera and then press the button on the back. Take a photograph. The photo will appear on the left side. Drag it and look at it with your eyepiece to make the box appear. It will be on the table.
Get back to the desk. Grab the key and make it look like the picture. Use the lock on the left of the desk interior, and then spin it.
Move each three square pieces that are in the top-left-hand corner. Now move the long pieces to the right, and then move the piece that has the brass catch up.
Move two small square objects up and left like in the image. Slide down the taller piece, and move the long piece to the right. Move the piece with the brass. Grab the metal symbol.
Put the metal in the correct spot. Hole in the front desk. The compartment will open up. It will contain a long metal lever. Remove it.
Put the object on the typewriter. Type “Infinity.” Hit the red button on your right. You will see the word, “”We began at home, staring at the stars. So much to discover, so little time.”

Put it back in the home position, cosomos, and time cards in the three spaces that are in front of the box. Hit the button and the word “Voyage” will then appear on the window.
Now type, “Voyage” into the typewriter. Click the button. You will see another message.
Put the cards voyage, temple, and sanctuary in front of the box. Click the button. Thw word “Endless” will appear.
Type “Endless” in the typewriter. Another message will appear. Put on the eyepiece and you will see another message.

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