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Click the two yellow buttons at the front of the desk at the exact same time. Turn them up and down to the way the message is received. A “Death” card will be inside the drawer. Take it
Put these cards in front of the box – Cosmos, Death, and Knowledge. Click the button and the word “Hope” will show in the window.
Type “Hope” into the typewriter. Another message will appear.
A bell will fall from the top of the box. Look at it in detail. Spin the bottom half around the design lines up.

You will receive the clapper. The two metal pieces at the bottom will open up into a key.
Place that into the keyhole on the left side of the box. Turn it and a the door will open. A dial will appear. Take it.
Use that key again. Use it on the glass cabinet on the back of the room. Unlock the door and pull it.
Take a look at the book shelf. Open up that latch and open the book to find a plate.

Put the plate in the place holder at the bottom of the cabinet. Spin the inner and outer dials. That will complete the picture. The wood will drop off. The word “Khan” will appear.
Take a look at the books on the shelf. They are above. Pull the black book, so that it is tipping forward. A magical safe will appear in the wall on the left near a cabinet.

Put the dial in the sage. Turn it clockwise, until the K appear. Do not take your finger off the screen. Turn it counter-clockwise to read H. Clockwise to get A. and counter-clockwise for N. Pull the handle that is on the left. Open up the sage. Take the Null card.
Put the Null, Time, and Death cards on the rectangles in front of each box. Click the button. This will cause the door on the glass cabinet to open.
Put the torn photo from before in the photo frame. Take a look through the eyepiece. A dead body will show up on the table.
Unlock the watch in the skeleton’s hand. Look at the face of the time piece. And look at it with your eyepiece. A key will then appear. Take it.
Put the key in the box on the table. Turn the key. Click the floating blob of black stuff, and you will finish the chapter.

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