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The Room Two – Chapter 6 Answers

We have The Room Two Chapter 6 Answers! Fire Proof Games, the developer behind mobile game hit The Room, just released the highly anticipated sequel.
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  • Move your camera until you see a large cabinet on your right. Open the middle drawer marked 1 and pick up the screwdriver.
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  • Go to the desk and look at the globe/sphere that is sitting on the right side. Using the screwdriver, unscrew the metal piece holding the two half spheres together. You will find a wooden box.
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  • Look at the wooden box in your inventory. Notice the symbols on the combination lock.
  • room-two-chapter-6-04

  • Zoom out and look to the left. There is a machine like object/cabinet with a metal disc next to it. Move the slider on the disc to each of the symbols on the wooden box’s lock and notice the numbers that appear on the disc.
  • room-two-chapter-6-06

  • Input the code to unlock the wooden box (1, 7 , 3). You’ll find a battery inside.
  • room-two-chapter-6-07

  • Go to the large machine to the right of the disc. There is a rectangular section with a lever below it. Insert the battery into the rectangular space. Pull the lever and spin the wheel to set the machine in motion. Retrieve your battery at the end of the process.
  • room-two-chapter-6-29

  • Go back to the desk with the globe. Insert the battery into the metal box next to the globe. Turn the switch on the control it’s attached to.
  • room-two-chapter-6-09

  • A laser will turn on a device on the desk. Turn the knob on the side of the laser to make it stronger. Look into the microscope-like object. Line up the dot with a red circle in the view.
  • room-two-chapter-6-10

  • When you zoom out, the lasers will be projected onto an area of the wall. Take the star-shaped handle/ object below where the red laser is coming from on the box.
  • room-two-chapter-6-11

  • Go back to the cabinet and put the star shaped handle on the drawer above where you took the screw driver from. Turn the star knob and you will see the 1 on the drawer start to shift.
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