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  • Once you enter, look up and notice a metal object above the door. Slide it out, and then tap the wall to make the giant stone fall over.
  • Walk inside and look at the box. Slide the metal lock off all the way. Push it to the right, then left, and then slide it back to the middle and push it so it will fall down. You will also need to flick the switch that is behind it. A small compartment will open up. Take the token from inside.
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  • Go inside and take the gold tower.
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  • You’re going to want to zoom out and look in the treasure chest on the floor. The handle will be on the right side. Turn the handle and pull the drawer. Grab the length of the string.
  • Go to the crossbow. Grab the small handle. And go back to the box.
  • You are going to place the small wooden handle on the slot. Move the right side up and down. You want to slide the white tiles into the slots.
  • That way they will match up. Place the tiles in the wrong slots for now. You will then move them into a position where they will actually be allowed to slide into the correct spots. A compartment will open. There is a trigger object. Take that and get back to the crossbow
  • Attach the metal bar. Tie the rope onto the weapon. Place the trigger to complete the crossbow. A drawer will open, and it will have bolts inside of it.
  • Put a bolt in the crossbow, and then pull the lever back. Double tap the trigger. Aim at the eyehole, then flick the really yellow trigger to shoot the bolt. If you aimed correctly, the bolt will unlock the and go to the next area.
  • You will appear in a new area. Look at the puzzle box on the table, and place a small token on the left slot. Put the toekn in the area location that is on the right. But you want to do it without touching the skull token. The skull is always going to chase you. Put the square in the bottom right position. Move squares 1,2,3,2,1,6,11,12. The skull will move on the grid square. You want to move it to the left position and it will be behind you now. Go to squares 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17. Do it without being caught. Place the key into the keyhole area in the front of the treasure chest. Turn both handles with both fingers at the same time. Open it up and take the large stone block that is inside.
  • Get back to the area with the box in hand. Right below the table is a wooden object. Attach your stone to the end of that wooden beam. Spin the wheel that is on the right until the hammer is in the upright position. You are going to pull the wooden switch down and the hammer will smash the rock. You will have to do this three more times to smash the rock. Take the shard of glass behind you.
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