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  • There is a golden slider next to the red beetle. Move it down.
  • room-two-chapter-6-18

  • A compartment will open and you will find a large handle.
  • room-two-chapter-6-19

  • Go to the table with the box and lasers. Look for an opening on the rim/side of the table and insert the handle into it.
  • room-two-chapter-6-20

  • Crank the table counterclockwise until the handle above it is matched with a knob in the table. Pull the handle up, which will reveal a crystal beneath. Keep turning the table until the crystal meets a laser – stop when the laser is going through the crystal
  • room-two-chapter-6-22

  • Follow the laser that goes to the microscope. Look into it. Match the laser point to the large red beetle.
  • room-two-chapter-6-24

  • Go back to the cabinet and open the right side. Grab the battery from the top shelf. Also pick up the rhinoceros beetle.
  • room-two-chapter-6-25

  • Look at the bottom shelf and open the lid of the jar labelled medicinal tonics. Take the piece of plaque from inside it. Put the plaque on the inside of drawer 1 in the plaque holder. A new compartment will open up – take the fuse inside.
  • room-two-chapter-6-28

  • Go to the machine with the lever. Put the battery you just received in the battery compartment above it.
  • room-two-chapter-6-31

  • Spin the wheel clockwise and push the lever to the right down. A new compartment will open. Use the screwdriver to loosen the fuse holder. Take out the burnt out fuse and put the new fuse in. Run the machine again by turning the wheel and pulling the lever.
  • room-two-chapter-6-30

  • Go to the table with the microscope object on it. Put the drum roll of images in the slot on the machine next to it. Open the door on the front and insert the battery.
  • room-two-chapter-6-33

  • Look in the viewfinder on the top. You will see an animation with a detached arm. Use your lens and symbols will appear. Open the drum roll holder and you will find another beetle.
  • room-two-chapter-6-35

  • Put the two beetles you have in your inventory on the beetle display. Take the handle that appears at the bottom.
  • room-two-chapter-6-38

  • Go to the round disc with the symbols and put the handle on the outer circle on it.
  • room-two-chapter-6-39

  • Move the inner and outer sliders to the symbol that you saw on the video. You will receive a strangely shaped key.
  • room-two-chapter-6-41

  • Insert the key into the lock on the box with lasers. (You will first need to twist the pieces of the lock until they match the shape of the key.)
  • room-two-chapter-6-42

  • The front doors will open and you will find a beetle – pick it up. Put the beetle in the last spot on the beetle display. The display will shift over to review another reflector/microscope object.
  • room-two-chapter-6-44

  • Zoom out and find the reflector that is pointing a laser towards the beetle. Move the reflector view until it is pointing at the reflector in the cabinet that you just revealed.
  • room-two-chapter-6-45

  • Now go to the reflector in the cabinet. Use the view to move the laser to the right until it hits a surface where the laser is extra bright.
  • room-two-chapter-6-46

  • A compartment above the laser reflector will reveal a lens piece. Attach this to the eyeglass.
  • room-two-chapter-6-49

  • Look through the eyeglass and find the box with the lasers. Move your camera until you see the side with a circle of symbols. Notice that there are two matching circles of symbols. Move the marker on the top circle the same as the symbol marked on the lower circle.
  • room-two-chapter-6-51

  • Zoom out and find the circle on the board next to the table with the image drum player. Look at what is marked there and move the marker on the inner circle to match.
  • room-two-chapter-6-51

  • Zoom out again and find the circle on the book that is on the cabinet. Note the symbol that is marked there and move the last marker to match on circle on the table.
  • room-two-chapter-6-52

  • The box will open revealing a contraption with a heart in the middle. Move all 3 switches down. The heart contraption will start spinning and a laser will appear above the box pointing at an entrance.
  • room-two-chapter-6-54

  • Put the eyepiece back on again and above the fountain in front of the door. Red sticks will appear. Move the slider until the sticks are aligned in the shape of a cube. A door will open and you will watch the final scene of the game. Congrats – you beat it and have escaped The Room Two!
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