The Room

The Room Walkthrough Chapter 2

The Room Walkthrough Chapter 2 for all solutions to completing the second chapter of the game.

The Room Chapter 2

Zoom out to view the pyramid box.

The Room Chapter 2

  • Swipe to the gold pillar and zoom in.
  • Unscrew the gold pillar by swiping left.
  • Tap to take the miniature microscope on top of the pillar.

The Room Chapter 2
  • Zoom out and swipe to the second gold pillar.
  • Zoom in on the second gold pillar and turn it left.
  • Take the piece of cotton.
The Room Chapter 2

In you inventory, expand the microscope by rotating it counter clockwise.

The Room Chapter 2

  • Swipe to the blue number panel and zoom in.
  • Tap the eyepiece to reveal four numbers (5, 6, 7, 2)

The Room Chapter 2

  • Enter the four numbers on the number panel as shown above.
  • Flip the switch down.
The Room Chapter 2   The Room Chapter 2
  • Zoom in on the lighter.
  • Put the piece of cotton on the lighter and flip the igniter.
  • Drag the lever up and zoom out.

The Room Chapter 2

  • Zoom in on the brass stands.
  • Drag the microscope onto the stands.
The Room Chapter 2   The Room Chapter 2   The Room Chapter 2
  • Swipe left to the decorative pillar and zoom in.
  • Tap on the pillar to reveal a book.
  • Tap to take the book.
  • In your inventory, tap the discs on the book to open it in this order – top, bottom, right, middle.
  • Tap the wind key inside the book.
The Room Chapter 2The Room Chapter 2
  • Zoom in on the left side of the brown box next to the stand.
  • Lift the hatch to open the door.
  • Put the wind key into the gear hole.
  • Turn the wind key and tap the eyepiece.
The Room Chapter 2

Zoom in on the microscope, the lens and read “TRIAL.”

The Room Chapter 2   The Room Chapter 2

  • When you leave the eyepiece you will be brought to some discs.
  • Tap the eyepiece and rotate the discs to form a ram skull.
  • Tap to take the L tile.
The Room Chapter 2
  • Swipe over to the letter panel and zoom in.
  • Drag the L tile onto the letter panel.
  • Spell “TRIAL” on the letter panel.


Chapter 2 Lock 2 >


  1. why does the clock have to read 6:05?

  2. sorry for the stupid question….

  3. 6:05 is on the back of the photo.

  4. Where is the medium cog. I only have the small one

  5. I can’t get mine to 6:05

  6. The combination isn’t working on my safe.

  7. I’m at the very last step of Chapt 2, and have set the clock at 6:05, as per the back of the photo, but can’t get anything to happen. Everything else is complete. I’m certain that the clock pendulum was swinging at one point, but now it is not, with no apparent way to affect it (should the pendulum be swinging at this point?)
    Any ideas appreciated!

  8. How do you get the symbol on chapter 2 lock 3?

  9. Help! I can’t get past the first lock. I’ve tried everything and I can’t look into the eyepiece. It says there’s nothin I see until the contraption is working. WhiCh it is!!

    • Hi Vivien, there is a small key to wind up the projector mechanism. The key can be found inside a book hidden in on of the cabinet corner pillars. Once you have the key, go to the left side of the projector box. Open the small door with the little catch. Insider you’ll see where to put the winding key.

  10. Very good written post. It will be helpful to everyone who utilizes it, as well as me. Keep up the good work – i will definitely read more posts.

  11. Sofiazinha says:

    This is weird, that photo with 6:05 at the back was NOT on my inventory until chapter 3!!!

  12. Beaujangles says:

    Ok so I used the big cross key to undo the latches and pop the little side drawer out but the game won’t let me grab the key inside!! Any tips?

    • I don’t have a lock to undo with the cross key like it. Shows in the image when I swipe across the shelf it remains the symbol, no lock. What do I do?

  13. I dont know where the other gold pillar is, the one with the cotton piece. Help!

  14. Sophie1000 says:

    I’m stuck help

    • I’m also stuck. I’m at the last part and when I make the clock say 6:05 it doesn’t work

  15. Turn clock to 610 not 605. One vid in YouTube shows clock at 610. It worked after putting it there.

  16. I’ve run through Chapter 1 three times now. The first time, I was able to get the clock face to respond and close out the level. The next two times, setting the clock to 6:05 does nothing. I’ve tried easing up to that number clockwise and counterclockwise. Is this a bug?

  17. I can only find the medium cog in the drawer after using the turning key… Where do I find the small cog?

  18. I need help on shit

  19. How do you do thecomninationwith the ring ?

  20. Only have medium cog where do I get small one?
    Getting “wound up now” get it!!

  21. I can’t get to the cogs

    • Anonymous says:

      Have you found all the cogs? I only got one out of the drawer

      • you have to lower the middle thing by turning the lever and using the middle cog and in the front this thing opens with the third one

  22. This is the second time I’ve tried this game and both times I’ve only got one cog out of the too drawer! Please please please help!

  23. i cannot for the life of me find the 3rd cog ? somebody help please ? xxx

  24. Everyone already has the 3rd cog, you remove it from the area where you originally placed it and move it to the right then add rubberband

  25. I didn’t get the picture with 6:05 on the back until chapter 3 either???

  26. Elizabeth says:

    I tried to set it to 6:05 but it won’t work!

  27. Hi, how do I get the shield for the gold statue?

  28. I can’t get the rubber and around the cogs

  29. I need help please. I moved the cogs into place. But can’t get the band around the cogs. I have tried turning it around and nothing works.

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  31. PLEASE HELP!!!
    I’ve tried to get the third cog from the place where I’ve originally placed it but it won’t get off. Is that the right cog? Cause I only have the one that was in the drawer.

  32. I’ve found the folding key to unlock section 3 but cannot find where to use it? I have searched everywhere. Obviously I have missed something but I don’t know what.


  33. I am trying to find the 3 buttons that are suppose to be around the octagonal Box! I ccan not find the buttons they say are easy to see! You press the button on the right then zoom out and press the 3 buttons, then repeat with the one on the left! Can anyone help?

    • I just started playing this so I’m sure you have your answer by now but just in case you don’t. That was hard but I felt dumb after I figured it out. The other buttons are at the same level as the first and second ones. I found going to the right was the best. You have to be fast or the door closes as soon as you get there. I f you are like me you are searching In the middle section not the top. I just started playing it for the second time hopefully this will be a little easier ~lol

  34. Is there a trick to get the microscope lens actually on the stands? Mine won’t stick.

  35. What’s the secret to tilting the apparatus

  36. What’s the secret to tilting the apparatus

  37. Can’t find 3rd cog 🙁 has anyone found it and is willing to tell me where it is!? I’m getting so impatient!

  38. Terrific game. Is there anymore 3D games like this?

  39. Im stuck on making the big iron key go into the keyhole on the table!!!!

  40. For those struggling to set the time – can you see the hour and minute hands? If not, reload the game and make sure you’ve got the eye piece on. You should see two blue clock hands.

    For me the hands didn’t appear as I progressed through the game, only after I got frustrated, quit the game then came back later. I assumed per the screenshot above I was lining up the small circle on the dial. The last screenshot does NOT represent what you’re supposed to see.

  41. can’t get the drawer to open near the pyramid cog. Everything is lined up and it just won’t work.

  42. HELP!!!!!! I can’t get passed the last symbol lock?!?!?!? I really need some help it’s impossible PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

  43. I don’t know what symbol to use ! Help!!!

  44. I cant get the cross key in it says its too tall. Please help me!

  45. Oijndwcqoiunwqoiduncwqoduncqwoeuhcqwehuc

  46. I just put the cross key in the table and it won’t let me pull the drawer out beside it.

  47. I just doesn’t know what to do after spelling trial

  48. How do you change the key to fit?

  49. The back of the photo says Rev. 6:05. Rev 6:05 is a Bible verse, Revelation 6:5 “When the Lamb opened the third seal….” Set the clock to 6:05 and the third seal opens unlocking the box. How cool is that!!!

  50. How can i fux the right side of the clock its very hard!!!!!?????

  51. I am stuck on the top where I am suppose to see two tiles and if I tilt it right they will go to the center?…I can not see two different tiles. What am I doing wrong?

  52. I moved the lever to the left and cranked the handle. I have the circle, square, star and triangle panels all rotated to where the drawer diagram shows but the drawer still won’t open. What am I missing/not doing?

  53. I can’t find the small cog, only the medium cog was there when I used the folding key.

  54. The top drawer only had one cog! ??

  55. I can’t get the beam of light to shine through the hole and I can’t find how to rotate the circle to get the picture. Both in chapter 3.

  56. Greatemeraldwyrm says:


    1.Get the one cog out of the drawer with the folding key and return to the gear panel.
    2. In the bottom left of this panel there is a silver switch, make sure this is pushed to the RIGHT!
    3. You should then be able to place just the one cog you have and raise the second switch
    4. After you do this, the third cog will be revealed to you and you can finish the puzzle with the walkthrough!

    • Ok I am stuck here I received one cog in the drawer with the rubber band. I just got the Swiss army knife style key, now what….. I can’t find any other cogs, nore does it let me remove the one I have do I can wind up the second section.

  57. Could anyone tell me why the clock isn’t working? I’m setting the right hour and nothing happens… WHY?

  58. I really have no clue where to use the folding key. Someone help me please!

  59. I didn’t get the photo until chapter 3 either. Kinda frustrating since it would have been practically impossible if I didn’t look it up.

  60. How do u get the shape on the left side it’s a cube and a cylinder z

  61. I have got to the place where the word trial should come up on the picture but it won’t show. I have restarted it several times & it still won’t appear

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  63. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely cannot line up the image in order to get the shield….how is this done…..? HELP please

  64. I cannot get the lines in the camera to form the image in order to get the shield….how is this done….i have moved the camera….slid the box and turned the cylinder….nothing works

  65. Hi
    I cant turnering the switch is there a thing i have missed? Hvad

  66. I can’t get the safe box open! I’m stuck ! I have your instruccions; but do you start counting to the left from cero or from one? Please help me!

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  68. Am i going crazy? Im in chapter 2 and have unlocked 2 of the 3 locks. I rotated the circle things got my big cog and elastic band, got my screwdriver and then the folding key. Here is where in confused, i use the folding key to open the drawer and only find one small cog. There is no sign of a medium cog anywhere! ? I have a S5 android version. Any advice would be appreciated!

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  71. Where it says “Tap the eyepiece, and drag the camera until the symbol above is seen” when I tap the eyepiece it shows me a cylinder and a slider. I tried every combination but can’t see any shield.

  72. Hi 🙂 I’m up to the part where I need to tilt my device to get the balls to rotate etc. the balls aren’t moving at all! Am I missing something?

    • You literally tilt the device in your hands. I did this too for about an hour until I realized it.

  73. The room is a fun game and I beat the second chapter, just cuz of the lil screen that is obove.

  74. Well done! This walk-through is as good as the game itself. Comprehensive, Clean & Clear.

  75. Virginia Flynn says:

    i can not get the cylinder and slider to line up to get the shield I see others are having this problem too, but no succinct answer on how to do this Stumped!

  76. so the orbs wont move no matter how much i tilt my device!i’m stuck; i’ve tried restarting the chapter, the entire game, but it wont work? should i uninstall it completely and re-download it?

  77. How do I use two fingers to switch both of the switches up?

    • How did you get around this? Every time I try to use two fingers it interprets it as a zoom out?

  78. Anyone else notice how creepy it is that the man disappears from the photo hahahaha

  79. On level three I am suppose to click a timer and touch three shapes similar to the shape of the timer located on one of the top wood boxes. I have been doing this for hours and days. What three spots are the ones to unleash the key?

  80. Hey, so I’ve moved the triangle dial to how it’s supposed to be, but whenever I try to open the drawrer, I can’t. Please help!

  81. I have looked and looked and tried everything to find the small cog. The walkthrough says it is in the drawer with the medium cog. I have tried everything in the posts as well and cant find the small cog. I have the left and center cylinders raised. I have the slider to the right and have turned the crank to no avail. Any other suggestions?

  82. Im stuck on the clock im trying to set it to 610 but its not doing it properly

  83. Im stuck on the clock to get it to 610 its not going properly

  84. i cannot get the symbols to line up using the eyepiece. also, from your angle in looks different than my game. my view is from side and your view is from above….it looks totally different. i tried opening up the top, but it doesn’t allow it . help…

  85. I don’t understand when it says zoom in on the key hole on top of the piramid box???? so confused, don’t know if it’s just me though

  86. How swip back the extanded panel to enter the key? Swipping back isnt active , helllp

  87. Cant get the balls moving no. Matter how much I tilt phone

  88. This by far is the intreguing puzzle that I ever played. The graphics are superb and viewing it in 1080HD, are exteamly sharp. This is for the most intellegent people who tries to solve it. It is not easy and sometimes you have to ponder over how to solve it and one thing missed can make it almost an impossible task.

  89. How to you move the apparatus? U know the tilty thing that supposedly lets u move the lighy up balls.

  90. I can’t make the symbol at the top right stop spinning or it won’t settle on the symbol I need in order to get the cross key. Help please

  91. There is no small cog in the drawer, and I can’t complete the level… Not sure if it’s a glitch or what, but it’s super frustrating. Tried everything I can to see if I’m missing a cog or what, but I’ve looked at all the walk throughs, and I did everything right.

    • Heather (12) says:

      Hi Molly I’m Heather and I’m 12 I’m in a program called PEP its in enrichment program can I help you? If you have both medium cogs take the rubber band and put it together and they should work!

  92. Heather (12) says:

    Hi I’m stuck with the lock where you have to get the shield I’m confused can anyone help?

  93. I cant get the combination to work, anyone else ? Ive tried what it says in here

  94. For the third cog, push button to right and place medium cog on the middle triangle and turn handle you will see the middle wheel go up that will open the round kinda moon looking part on the front of the clock. There you will find the 3rd cog.

  95. Abbigaleelise27 says:

    I can’t find the thing on top of the pyramid


  96. Where is small cog?

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